Sleep in peace with our pocket tufted mattress

At Aspire, we are working tirelessly to bring you the best night’s sleep with our high-quality mattresses.

We also understand the importance of value and affordability. That is why we have created a range of quality mattresses at affordable prices.

Our new Cashmere 1000 Pocket Tufted Mattress is just that – comfortable, affordable, and of great quality!

Introducing the Cashmere 1000 Pocket Tufted Mattress

The Cashmere Pocket Tufted Mattress is a pocket sprung, tufted mattress. It features a premium spring system with 1000 pocket springs and a unique multi-layer construction. This pocket tufted mattress is 25cm in depth.

Whether you require a single or a double mattress we have the size for you – the mattress is available from a small single to super king size.

What is a tufted mattress?

Tufting is a traditional method used to secure and hold together the layers of a mattress. This method pulls each layer together through the spring unit, binding it at each side.

The technique is commonly used with pocket sprung mattresses and marks a higher quality mattress. Tufting helps to keep the materials from moving, bringing longevity to the mattress. It also gives a uniform feel to the mattress and an even, more stable sleeping surface.

Best mattress in the UK?

The title for Best Mattress UK might depend on everyone’s preference but the Cashmere Pocket Tufted Mattress could be your best mattress yet – and it’s UK-manufactured.

What sets our pocket tufted mattress apart from the rest are the composition and natural fibres used in the making of the mattress.

To achieve superior comfort, we quadrupled the comfort fillings. More fillings mean more comfort!

We use layers of wool, cashmere and silk in the making of the mattress’ luxurious sleep surface. Our pocket tufted mattress also features an Aspire Cool Touch sleeping surface that ensures breathability, and next-generation comfort and softness. In fact, the top layer is up to ten times more breathable than the standard fabric used in mattresses.

Is a pocket tufted mattress good for back pain?

As a high spring count mattress, the Cashmere Pocket Tufted Mattress will give you the benefits of  pocket sprung mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses are known for providing pressure relief and consistent firmness. This can aid sleepers who suffer from back pain. Those sleeping on a double mattress or a king mattress with a partner will also benefit from reduced movement transfer.

Experts recommend a firmer mattress for sleepers suffering from back pain; our pocket tufted mattress is a firm mattress.

Tufting also provides a more comfortable, even sleeping surface. As mattress tufting reduces the potential for sagging, your mattress will keep its form, and its ability to support you, for longer. After all, a good mattress for back pain needs to be supportive above all else.

Your one-way ticket to a great night’s sleep

Comfortable, supportive, breathable, and affordable – those are the cornerstones of our Cashmere Pocket Tufted Mattress.  Shop now for your best mattress, UK-made!