Want a tidy mind and a tidy life? Discover our ottoman bed and divan bed range!

When it comes to creating dream beds, the team at Aspire know a thing or two about what our customers want! Our first point of interest is comfort - how will the bed provide the desired sleep support to guarantee a great night’s sleep? Our second focus is style. Working closely with a team of skilled trend forecasters and manufacturers to build a wide variety of beds to suit all bedroom types, from traditional to avant-garde! Our final aim is to provide solutions to space with the production of high-quality storage beds to allow your bedroom to be transformed into a sleep sanctuary.

Does the phrase ‘a tidy home is a tidy mind’ hold any truths?


We all know that great feeling when you have been putting off a particular task or chore for days and once it is finally complete the sense of satisfaction that comes with it. Scientific research has recognised this is a logical, and very common, feeling that you may experience. The reason for this is that every small piece of clutter scattered around your home, whether it be a pile of unopened letters or a jumble of clothing on top of that dreaded chair in your bedroom… all of these things create stimuli in your brain, making you subconsciously create a list in your mind of the tasks that you need to complete.


All of these small tasks can accumulate to a larger feeling of stress and anxiety. 


So, what is the solution to the everyday struggles of a busy life? An Aspire storage bed!



The benefits of divan and ottoman beds


Both divan and ottoman beds are the answer to many home storage problems. Despite both bed types offering a multitude of storage, there are a few differences between the two.


Ottoman beds are ideal for rooms with limited space as they feature a spacious, built-in storage area which is easily accessible thanks to an easy-lift mechanism supported by gas pistons. Once the ottoman storage bed is elevated, it will hold its position, giving you hands-free access to your stored items. A fabric base has been attached to the underside of the bed to protect your stored items


Divan beds consist of a divan base, made up of two parts that are attached together, and a mattress sitting on top of the base. The divan base commonly contains built-in storage drawers for clutter-free storage.


Which type of storage bed works best for you depends on personal preference of style, as well as bedroom layout. However, both divan beds and ottoman beds allow you to store away any unwanted items that may be causing distress to your mind including, seasonal clothing, suitcases and general clutter.

Our top storage bed picks


Within the Aspire Store, we stock a wide range of beautifully crafted divan and ottoman beds.


Why not add a touch of luxe into your home with our designer divan range in collaboration with Catherine Lansfield, both the Catherine Lansfield Soho Divan Bed and the Catherine Lansfield Boutique Divan Bed Set offer timeless style with unmatchable comfort.


If an ottoman is your preferred type of bed, our Olivier Fabric Ottoman Bed adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom.


Each bed is customisable in a variety of fabrics, colours and sizes. Start building your bespoke bed today!