Add a personal touch to your home with our Aspire DIY ideas

All interior design enthusiasts know the value of a good interior design hack. The best lifestyle and interior design hacks provide the finished product either ease of use or attractive eye appeal with as little investment as possible.

Handmade home hacks are a great way to update your interior design décor in a way that supports sustainability, is easy on the budget, and gives your house a homely atmosphere.

Here at Aspire, we love the beauty and quality of handmade products, and hence we have put together some simple handmade home hacks to give your interior design décor an upgrade!

Simple handmade home hacks and DIY tips

Try these easy interior design hacks to give your home a fresher look.

1. Repurpose existing items

Recycling and repurposing items that you already have at home is a sustainable and fun way to update your interiors.

Make a tiered hanging accessory hammock from smaller baskets or build a bookcase out of painted or varnished crates.

Turn a vintage suitcase into a wine cabinet or repurpose a wooden ladder by using it as a shoe rack.

Old teapots and teacups make excellent plant pots while you can even give old necklaces new life by using them as curtain tiebacks.

2. Don’t replace - repaint!

A lick of paint is undoubtedly the easiest and perhaps most used method of giving your home a facelift. Old chairs, tables and even the sink can look brand new with a coat of paint.

Partially painting walls is terrific for making rooms with low ceilings appear higher and more spacious. Painting the side of a door or the sides of drawers in different colours adds a personalised touch to your rooms.

Using stencils to make custom wallpaper or even decorating tables with marble contact paper are also easy and affordable ways to redecorate a room without much effort.

3. Make use of space wisely

Many are finding themselves fighting a losing battle against clutter.

How about turning those shallow nooks, alcoves or spaces behind doors into a practical space? Even a slim alcove can make for the perfect shoe closet. If you hide it with a curtain, even better!

home interior diy

4. Turn the mundane into something extraordinary

We all know cords running along skirting boards or piling up under TVs or desks can be a real pest. Turn them into a design feature instead!

For cords running along skirting boards, hide them behind a little, handmade picket fence made of wood boards. If all your cords are gathered in one spot, place them into a decorative box and keep them out of sight (and dust-free).

Speaking of mundane, you can even breathe new life into your old plastic chairs by attaching a faux fur throw on them. Another simple trick to add mood into any room is to attach LED strip lights under your cabinets.

Sustainable interior design

Home hacks and DIY interior design tips are gaining popularity thanks to the rising desire for sustainability. Everyday choices, including how we decorate our homes, can either help support our planet’s sustainability or add to the rising carbon footprint.

Here at Aspire, we believe that the quality of our products is the backbone of our business. That is why our beds, headboards and mattresses are handmade by our skilled craftsmen from the start to the last finishing stitch.

By handcrafting our products to a high standard, we are ensuring that our beds and headboards are built to last. We also strive to use natural materials and renewable resources where possible. Furthermore, we invest in training the next generation to pick up the skills of our master craftsmen, so bringing jobs and expertise to our local Yorkshire community.

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