Need some extra sleep? Practise our top tips to ensure a deserved lie-in

Is a weekend lie-in your guilty pleasure? Well, we’re here to take the guilt out of the equation!

As a generalisation that surely isn’t too far from the truth, we all enjoy a good lie-in. Be our sleep habits, what they may be during the week, a good weekend lie-in is like a hot bath after a hard day’s work. It is our chance to unwind and recharge our batteries.

But does science back our desire for a lie-in? And how can you ensure nothing steals your morning in bed?

Let’s find out.

Is it good to have a lie-in at weekends?

Like in most cases, the research fights for both corners. While some sleep experts advise you to not mess with your established sleep habits, some studies believe only good things can come out of a lie-in.

What we do know is that sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. If you sleep better at weekends without work hanging over you, then go for it! Listen to your body – if it needs more sleep, give it more sleep. Sleep deprivation and sleep problems are taxing on our health and wellbeing, as well as the economy at large.

Are there physical benefits of having a lie-in?

Recent research and studies have found encouraging evidence that those who make up for lost sleep during the weekend are healthier, smarter and have lower BMIs. It is also argued that a lie-in during the weekend helps to ward off depression.

Do lie-ins improve your mental and emotional health?

We say taking a break, relaxing and giving your brain a morning off can only be a good thing! It isn’t hard to conclude that when we sleep better, we wake up in a better mood.

Weekend lie-ins need not necessarily mean more sleep either. Simply staying in bed reading a book, watching Netflix or cuddling your kids will do wonders for your mental health. We all deserve a break after the working week!

Top tips on how to get the best weekend lie-ins

It’s true - lie-ins aren’t always feasible. The dog might not wait for its walk, there are little people in the house desperate for breakfast, or teenagers need a lift to transport them to their Saturday morning hobbies.

But we have gathered our top tips to help you get a rejuvenating weekend lie-in when circumstances allow for it.

1. Turn off the alarm

Don’t ruin your chance to wake up naturally by forgetting to turn off the alarm the night before!

2. Clear your calendar

Keep your morning schedule wide open. Move your breakfast catch up to lunch and give the gym a day off. Give yourself the morning off – guilt-free!

3. If you’re not sleepy, don’t force it

Let your body wake up when it’s had enough sleep. Again, a lie-in doesn’t need to mean more sleep. Simply staying in bed doing something that makes you happy is enough.

4. Plan ahead

No, you don’t need a to-do list for a lie-in, but you might need to take turns with your partner when it comes to looking after children or pets. Want a lie-in together? Pencil in a sleepover at grandma’s for the little folk!

5. Block the sunlight

If it is more sleep or better sleep you are after, make sure you close the curtains to block out the sunlight.

6. Keep warm

To keep the cold’s bite out of your lie-in, set the heating on a timer or have an extra blanket at hand. Sleep problems thrive in the cold!

7. Stay comfortable

Make sure you are sleeping on a good, comfy bed. For a successful lie-in, you need to want to stay in your bed…

8. Avoid alcohol the night before

Alcohol won’t do your sleep habits any favours. It can mess with your sleep at night, make you wake up dehydrated, and have you running to the toilet at early hours!


Ready for a lie-in but missing a key component?

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