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A new season calls for new boundaries

Put the pastels and florals aside and embrace the new season with cutting-edge spring designs!

2020 saw us latch onto comfort and nostalgia in our interior décor and although the same trend continues this year, spring interior design sees modern mixed with vintage, texture, luxury, and nature combine into interior design trends you won’t be able to resist – even if they push you out of your comfort zone!

Spring design 2021

Update your interior décor by applying these top spring design trends into your bedroom.

1. Grandmillenial style

A real social media sensation, Grandmillenial (or a twist on Granny chic) is a fresh take on the traditional. It is cosy yet quirky with a touch of elegance. This trend makes us think of the patterns and prints we might see in grandma’s house and have us join them with modern pieces to create a space that helps us feel relaxed and comforted.

For interior design bedroom ideas, think of feature walls of patterned plates, embroidered linen, and chintz curtains with modern prints. The key? Keep it grandmillenial, not granny.

2. Ocean themes

We’re all dreaming of white, sandy beaches and open waters. While travelling remains a no-go, bring the distant shores to your home with shell-shaped vases, shades of blue, patterned sheets and decorative items previously reserved for beach houses.

3. Yellow and grey

“Illuminating yellow” and “Ultimate grey” are Pantone’s colours of the year; expect to see a lot of these this year. We love the happy pop of colour bright yellow brings, especially against a grey background.

Embrace these colours in your bedroom with a display wall of floating shelves – a popular trend for the season – and make an arrangement of your favourite decorative pieces in yellow and grey tones. Perfect for a Zoom wall!

Or step out of the box with a painted arch, framing your favourite fixtures.

Of course, a great way to add the season’s colour is with a headboard. You’ll be spoiled for choice with on-trend colours for headboards – just have a look at this Catherine Lansfield headboard in bold lemonwood!

4. Beautiful curves

Rounded shapes and curves are hot this season as interior design sees a shift from hard edges. This trend was birthed from our need for cosiness and the feeling of being cocooned in our homes.

Rounded rugs, round pillows and curved statement pieces are simple ways to upgrade your bedroom’s look.

spring bedroom trends

5. Nature calls

This year’s spring interior design heavily draws inspiration from nature. Eco-friendliness and sustainability have been and continue to be at the heart of many, while houseplants have become a staple in home interiors. Earthy tones and sage green colours in interiors further keep you in touch with nature.

A simple bedroom idea: join a houseplant with a rattan-style flowerpot to tick a box for yet another home fashion favourite for this year.

6. A bit of luxury

We all deserve a touch of luxe after the past year. This season, surround yourself with interiors that make you feel special.

Luxury need not be expensive either. Plush, shimmery textures add style and can be achieved with simple accessories like throws and pillows. Add scented candles to arouse all senses. If you want to go bigger with a striking focal point for your bedroom, upholstered Aspire headboards are a definite touch of luxury!  

Are you ready for the new season? Tag @aspirestoreuk on Instagram and show us which spring interior trend has your fingers itching to redecorate!