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Get the best out of your bedroom

Is your bedroom looking tired and in desperate need of updating?

Choose from our wide range of upholstered beds and relax in comfort knowing you have made the right decision. Here’s your simple guide to help you choose a bed that’s right for you.


Firstly, consider the type of bed you require?

Consider what you currently like or dislike about your old bed. Once you have thought about the pros and cons you can then decide on the size and type. Lots of our beds are also available with low or high footboards, which is important to get right. Remember the larger the bed the less likely you are to disturb your partner whilst sleeping. Use a tape measure to plan out the space in your bedroom, make sure you can move around comfortably without feeling restricted.


Go with your heart!

If a colour immediately jumps out at you and your first thought is “I love that”, then go with your heart. If you really like the scoring pattern, colour and style then you will find it easy to accessorise and dress your bedroom. One large statement piece can inspire you to create a bedroom with a whole new look. If you choose a colour that maybe a current trend, don’t worry about styles changing, new bedding and cushions can be added without breaking the bank to keep your style looking fresh. Taking a fabric swatch with you shopping is a brilliant way of colour matching. Requesting a sample from us at any point of purchase is very simple, as shown below.

Aspire Fabrics

Here’s a full list of our fabrics to help you with the decision-making process.

Malham Weave Linen – A classic woven fabric with a soft texture
Kimiyo Linen – A rich fabric with a thick feel an Aspire classic
Wallace Twill – A durable fabric with an organic look and a twilled woven pattern

Firenza Velour – A hardwearing fabric with a traditional chenille base
Plush Velvet – A bold fabric with an ultra-modern look and super soft touch
Eire Linen – A elegant but practical fabric available in well balanced neutral tones

Mirazzi Velvet – A glamourous fabric with a soft feel, perfect for elegant upholstery
Yorkshire Knit – A desirable fabric with a soft subtle woollen feel

    Fabric Sample Request

    Choose fabric colour

    *All our samples are sent via Royal Mail standard delivery, please allow 3-5 business days to arrive.


    Let the bed be your focal point.

    Often starting from scratch redecorating a room can be daunting, don’t fear buying something that doesn’t fit your current style, build around your focal point.  Many people have the room planned before the new bed has been delivered.  Don’t panic! Once the bed arrives assemble it and take time to look at the whole room.  Write a list of the things that you would like to update, maybe lamps, candles or even picture frames.  Use complimenting textures and tones to create a bedroom that you won’t want to leave.

    Sit Back And Relax

    Enjoy your bedroom and relax. Remember we’d love to see your images of bedroom complete with your Aspire Upholstered Bed. Please send your images to [email protected]  and they will be included in our blog posts to help inspire others!

    “Aspire to a better night’s sleep”

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