Choosing the right bed size is a crucial decision that affects not only your sleep quality, but the look, feel and function of your bedroom. At Aspire, we understand the importance of finding the perfect bed that meets your needs, and want to help every customer find the perfect sized bed for them.

This comprehensive guide will delve into UK bed sizes, exploring their dimensions, suitability, benefits, drawbacks, and some interesting historical facts. Our goal is to leave you feeling informed, inspired, and confident in making the best choice for your next bed size.

An Overview of UK Bed Sizes

Before you select a new bed it’s best to know all of the sizes available, so you can narrow down your choice and find your perfect bed.

Single Beds - 3ft

Single beds, sized at 90cm x 190cm (3ft wide x 6ft3” long), are perfect for solo sleepers, offering a cosy and compact sleeping solution. They are very well-suited for children, adapting to their growing needs while saving space in smaller bedrooms. Single beds fit seamlessly into guest rooms or limited spaces, making them a versatile choice for many home settings.


The main advantage of single beds lies in their economical and space-efficient design. They are budget-friendly, making them an accessible option for many households. Their compact size is ideal for maximising space in smaller rooms, such as children's bedrooms or guest rooms, providing comfort without occupying too much space. Mattresses and bed linen are usually cheaper too, making them great value beds for a single sleeper.


The main limitation of single beds is their smaller space, which may not be comfortable for some adults, especially taller individuals. They are not suitable for couples, as they offer sleeping space for only one person, limiting their use for shared sleeping arrangements.

Explore our range of single beds and find something to suit all budgets and tastes, from amazing value quality bed frames to rich, luxurious sleeping sanctuaries from leading designers. Our single beds come in a wide choice of colours and fabrics, so you can customise your bed to order. We also feature storage options, with integrated ottoman storage available.

Small Double Beds - 4ft

Small double beds measure 120cm x 190cm (4ft wide x 6ft3” long), and are an excellent choice for solo sleepers who crave more space than a single bed. They are also called ‘three quarter’ beds, offering a comfortable upgrade over a single bed with more room to stretch out. These beds are suitable for couples who have limited space in their bedroom, striking a balance between comfort and compactness, though sleeping space will be snug.


A small double bed offers more sleeping space than a single without taking up much more room space, so they can be a nice upgrade from a single even if space is tight. Three quarter size beds are an ideal solution for bedrooms where a standard double bed might feel too large, yet a single bed is too small. This size is perfect for optimising limited spaces while ensuring a comfortable, spacious night’s sleep.


There are some limitations to small double beds though - for couples, it can feel cramped, especially for those used to larger sleeping areas. The small double bed size is less popular than single or standard double beds, resulting in fewer style and design options in the market, and this could make it restrictive to find the bed linen you want.

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Double Beds - 4ft 6in

Double beds measure 135cm x 190cm (4ft6” wide x 6ft3” long) and are one of the most popular bed sizes in the UK, being ideal for couples with ample space for two. For solo sleepers, they offer a luxuriously spacious sleeping experience, with space to stretch in sumptuous comfort. This bed size is a popular choice for master bedrooms and guest rooms, accommodating a broad range of sleeper.


One of the main advantages of double beds is their wide availability in various styles and designs, making it easy to find one that suits any bedroom decor. They strike a perfect balance between comfort and space efficiency, offering enough room to sleep comfortably without taking up excessive space in the bedroom. Budget-wise too, there is a wide choice available, from great value budget ranges (and mattresses) right through to superior quality styles, with luxurious upholstering, soft cushioning and captivating designs. Many double beds can offer integrated storage, either as divan drawers or lift up ottoman spaces, turning a double bed into a brilliant multifunctional furniture piece - great for storing things like bed linen, clothes, or hiding gifts.


The main drawback of a double bed is that it may offer limited legroom for taller individuals, particularly if a vertical footboard is on the end of the bed. While it comfortably accommodates most people, those over six feet tall might find it a bit restrictive in length, potentially impacting sleep comfort. Opt for a footboard free bed if you’re tall and like to stretch, and you can poke your feet out of the end of the bed comfortably.

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King Size Beds - 5ft

King size beds measure 150cm x 200cm (5ft wide x 6ft6” long), are an excellent choice for couples who are looking for extra sleeping space and an added touch of luxury in bed. King beds provide really comfortable space for two, allowing for comfortable movement and rest without disturbing each other in bed. They’re also a preferred option for luxurious master bedrooms, offering a grander and more opulent feel, almost regal.


The key benefits of a king size bed lie in its generous width and length, which significantly enhance sleep comfort for two. This extra space allows for a more relaxed and undisturbed sleep, especially for those who tend to move around during the night. The luxurious feel of a king size bed also adds an element of sophistication and elegance to a bedroom, making it a statement piece, with bold floor standing headboards that will frame a king size bed beautifully. For storage, as the bed size increases so does the integrated storage, and king beds offer a massive amount of integrated storage if you opt for a divan or ottoman.


Being larger in stature, king size beds require more room space making them less suitable for smaller bedrooms. Their larger dimensions mean that they are better suited to more spacious rooms where they can fit comfortably without overwhelming the room. The higher price point of king size beds reflects their larger size and luxury status, making them a more significant investment compared to smaller bed sizes.

Explore our selection of king size beds to sleep like royalty , and see what extra space you could enjoy every night. From classical, chesterfield-inspired designs with hand finished button detailing, to modern clean looks with bold lines and soft cushioning, we offer a wide range of colours, fabrics and styles. All our king size beds are available with integrated storage too, so you can keep benefit from extra space to help declutter and keep tidy, all hidden within the bed.

Super King Size Beds - 6ft

Super King size beds measure 180cm x 200cm (6ft wide x 6ft6” long) and epitomise maximum comfort, being best suited for large bedrooms. They offer an expansive sleeping area, making them perfect for couples who appreciate extra space, as well families with children or pets who might join them in bed. These beds cater to those who prioritise spacious luxury and comfort in their sleep environment.


The most significant advantage of a Super King bed is its spacious luxury. It offers a massive sleeping space for co-sleeping comfortably, allowing families to share the bed without feeling cramped. Many Super King beds come in ottoman styles, with extensive storage space underneath and integrated into the bed, which can be very valuable when it comes to optimising bedroom space, keeping things free of clutter, neat and tidy. This size embodies a luxurious sleeping experience, combining comfort with functionality to enjoy the most premium sleeping space available.


A Super King size bed does come with certain considerations. Its grand dimensions require a sizable room to accommodate the bed adequately without it dominating the space, particularly if you opt for an equally grand headboard and footboard to accompany it. This makes it less suitable for smaller bedrooms where it could overwhelm the room's layout. Additionally, the larger size typically comes with a higher cost, reflecting its luxurious status and the extra space and comfort it provides.

Bed linen can be typically more expensive and the choice can be more restrictive than popular sizes, such as double beds. Mattresses and headboards can also be more costly because of the extra size, but the luxury in return is unmatched.Be sure to take careful consideration when sizing super king size furniture up for a room - even in some cases if a bed does fit, the headboard may not, so make sure to measure thoroughly if you’re considering an upgrade.

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A History of UK Bed Sizes

The bed sizes that we know and use today in the UK have evolved over time. The Super King size, a relatively recent addition, reflects modern tastes for more spacious sleeping arrangements. This change mirrors a trend towards larger homes and bedrooms, allowing for more luxurious bed sizes.

The recent rise in popularity of storage beds, including divan and ottomans, has reflected the limited storage many people have at home, particularly with newer homes and limited room to keep things tidy. These beds with seamless, integrated and hidden drawer storage have surged in popularity over recent years, with larger bed sizes offering extensive storage space.

Mattress Sizes and Considerations

Choosing the right mattress is equally important, to ensure a perfect fit with your bed. Each bed size has a corresponding mattress size, essential for comfort and support. For example, a King size bed pairs with a King size mattress, providing optimal sleep quality.

Whether you're upgrading to a larger bed or choosing your first one, understanding UK bed sizes is key to making the right choice. At Aspire, we’re committed to helping you find a bed that not only fits your space but also enhances your sleep experience. With our extensive range and expert advice, you can be confident in your purchase.