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Aspire’s single mattresses are perfect for guest bedrooms, bedrooms limited with space, children’s beds or simply for adults preferring a smaller bed. Our collection of high-quality, handmade single mattresses ranges from pocket spring and open coil designs to memory foam, hybrid and luxurious pillowtop single mattresses – on top of truly superior single mattresses with natural fillings and ortho support.

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Aspire’s single mattresses

Single mattresses are in high demand, often finding their homes in small bedrooms, spare bedrooms or even as a child’s first big bed. 

Aspire’s single mattresses are designed to ensure comfort and a great night’s sleep even when space or preference warrants a smaller bed. 


The dimensions for a small single mattress (2ft6) are 750mm width and 1900mm length. A single (3ft) mattress is 900mm in width and 1900mm in length. The depth of the mattress varies per design.

There is something for every need and budget when it comes to our single mattress selection. 

Pocket Spring

Aspire’s pocket spring single mattresses are carefully handcrafted for comfort, consistent firmness and pressure relief, and durability. The finishing touch is added with a hard-wearing yet soft-to-touch fabric cover.

Pocket spring mattresses are particularly good for those suffering from hip, shoulder, or back pain. Aspire’s Natural Cashmere Pocket Mattress and Royal Pocket Mattress are excellent choices if you are looking for a single mattress with orthopaedic level support.

Coil Sprung

Built on an open coil platform with layers of support foam, our coil sprung single mattresses range from medium-soft to medium-firm in feel. The mattresses are finished with a breathable, hand-tufted cover for a truly exceptional sleeping surface. 

Open coil mattresses are supportive with more ‘give’ than pocket sprung mattresses and often available at lower price points. But at Aspire cheaper doesn’t mean lower quality – just have a look at this handmade Catherine Lansfield Classic Bonnell Mattress.

Memory foam 

Aspire’s memory foam single mattresses give your muscles, joints and bones the rest they need. We use second-generation high-density memory foam that moulds around your body while reflex foam gives the mattress a supportive base.

Memory foam has hypo-allergenic properties, making it a brilliant choice for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Single memory foam mattresses are particularly good for children’s growing bones, which is exactly what we had in mind when we designed the Kids Foam Eco Memory Mattress.


Hybrid mattresses combine pocket springs with foam to bring you the best of both worlds – comfort, support and added breathability. 

This Signature Bamboo Memory Pocket Mattress boasts a high count of pocket springs along with exceptional bamboo memory foam that regulates temperature, odour and moisture.


King size beds shouldn’t be the only ones getting the royal treatment. Our sumptuous pillowtop mattresses come as a single mattress as well! 

For individuals looking for superior comfort (or ones wanting to pamper their guests!), Aspire’s pillowtop single mattresses will turn your good night’s sleep into a great one.

Catherine Lansfield

For lovers of home fashion, look no further than our Catherine Lansfield collection. Renowned for style, quality and affordable elegance, choose a Catherine Lansfield single mattress for sleep that is stylish and comfortable! 

Natural fillings

Whether you are eco-conscious or searching for something special, natural fillings give single mattresses added comfort, plushness and help to control your body temperature as you sleep. 

The natural materials we use in some of our single mattresses include bamboo, wool, cashmere, horsehair, silk and alpaca.

Easy transport

Single beds with single mattresses are a small bedroom must. 

If access is an issue for small bedrooms or attic rooms, some of our single mattresses, like the Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress, come vacuum packed and rolled for easy transportation.