Memory Foam Mattresses

Our Memory Foam Mattresses contain layers of premium quality foam that supports and shapes to the contours of your body, for a relaxing night’s sleep.

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Famously invented by NASA, Memory Foam is a unique filling for mattresses, using space age technology to offer cushioned support that fits to the shape and contours of your body.

It was originally invented to keep test pilots cushioned during flights, and this same technology has now been incorporated into beds, sofas, chairs and shoes where it brings sumptuous comfort for many.

Our memory foam mattresses use a combination of materials to offer full cushioning across the full area of the mattress, many using different combinations of foam including HD memory foam, eco and reflex foams. The combination of layers of different foam and thicknesses enhances the support, as each layer has different firmness and supporting properties, making them ideal for a range of sleepers.

Many memory foam mattresses can also be delivered rolled, so they can be much easier to transport and deliver, making them ideal for apartments, flats and attic rooms, which can sometimes be difficult to access.