4'0 Small Double

Wider than a single but smaller than a double, small double mattresses (4’0’’) give you the comfort of a full-size mattress while saving space where every inch matters.  Small double mattresses are ideal for couples with smaller bedrooms and individuals who like a little extra sleeping space. Small double mattresses are also great for guest rooms – and are a popular mattress choice for teenagers’ bedrooms!

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Aspire’s handcrafted collection of small double mattresses

Aspire’s range of small double mattresses has something for everyone.

Our selection of small double mattresses features pocket sprung, memory foam, hybrid, and open coil mattresses so that you can find the best mattress to accommodate your needs and preference. 

We also offer eco-friendly mattresses, such as the Eco Relief Mattress or the Cashmere 2500 Pocket Mattress. Our eco-friendly mattresses are partially made of recycled materials and all the materials are recyclable, supporting sustainability. (https://aspirestore.co.uk/blog/news/live-better-for-you-and-your-planet-earth-hour-day) In addition, we feature a selection of mattresses made of natural fillings. 

Our orthopaedic mattresses offer extra support for those suffering from back pain, while our pillowtop small double mattresses give you superior comfort and cloud-like sleep.

We also cater for all budgets without scrimping on quality!

All our small double mattresses have been carefully designed and handmade in the UK. Order online for free delivery!


A small double – also knowns as a queen-size or a three-quarter mattress - measures 120cm wide and 190cm long (4 feet wide, 6 feet 3 inches long). While small double mattresses give you more room to sprawl out than a single mattress, they are not as wide as double mattresses.

Couples who prefer cosy sleep and need to maximise space in their bedroom will find small double mattresses an excellent choice. Also, small doubles are popular with individuals preferring extra wiggle room and are looking for a larger sleeping surface than what is provided by a single mattress. 

In recent years, small double beds have risen in popularity in teenagers’ bedrooms, as well as proving useful and suitable for guest rooms.

Also, due to its slightly smaller size, a small double mattress is cheaper than a king size mattress, benefitting those who are on a budget.

Boasting a wide collection of luxurious small double mattresses, Aspire’s mattresses are handcrafted to meet high-quality standards as well as providing a great night’s sleep no matter what your sleeping position. 

We use quality, hard-wearing fabrics that are lush to touch, and only the best mattress fillings to ensure your mattress will stand the test of time while providing exceptional support, pressure relief and lavish comfort as you sleep.