Pillowtop Mattresses

Pillowtop mattresses bring hotel-quality luxury to your bedroom. As a superior mattress, they offer cloud-like sleep without compromising on exceptional support and pressure relief.

Aspire’s pillowtop mattresses are handmade in the UK and use natural and high-quality materials for a better night’s sleep.

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What are pillowtop mattresses?

Pillowtop mattresses have an extra, padded layer on top of the mattress to bring plushness and ultimate comfort. The pillowtop is sewn on top of a pocket spring or open coil mattress, allowing for the best level of weight distribution and pressure relief.

The pillowtop layer can be made of different materials. At Aspire we use various natural fillings such as cashmere wool, alpaca fleece, silk and bamboo fibres.

Often classed as the crème of the crop of mattresses, pillowtop mattresses’ allure is in their exceptional comfort and sumptuous softness – not forgetting the support they provide for healthy sleep. The importance of healthy sleep on our physical and mental health is, undeniably, significant. 

To find out more about our selection of pillowtop mattresses visit our blog post, A guide to Aspire’s pillowtop mattress.

How are pillowtop mattresses different from other mattresses?

The difference is in the sewn padding that rests on the top of the mattress.

Most pillowtop mattresses have a medium to firm feel with the lavish extra comfort of the pillowtop.

Compared to memory foam mattresses, pillowtop mattresses take a subtle approach to moulding around your body. They absorb and cushion weight rather than allowing your body to sink into the mattress too deeply.

Are pillowtop mattresses good for back pain?

Comfort doesn’t mean you have to compromise on support. Because of the deluxe comfort and exceptional craftmanship, our pillowtop mattresses help to relieve aches and pains by distributing pressure points evenly.

Aspire’s Alpaca Silk 5000 Pocket Pillowtop mattress offers orthopaedic level support, making it perfect for those suffering from back pain or poor sleep due to achy limbs and muscles.

Is a pillowtop mattress right for my sleeping style?

Pillowtop mattresses are suitable for all sleeping styles.

Side sleepers that often complain of hip and shoulder pain, can rest assured as our pillowtop mattresses distribute weight evenly, easing the burden on pressure points. The high count and layering of pocket springs bring spinal support for back and front sleepers.

Is Aspire’s pillowtop mattress for me?

Yes, if you are looking for ultimate comfort and cloud-like sleep! Our mattresses have been hand-designed in the UK without cutting any corners to quality – our handcrafted beds and mattresses are constructed and designed to meet the highest standards.

Our pillowtop mattresses use natural fillings and have strategically placed vents on the sides of the mattress to help keep it cool and fresh. Individually nested pocket springs and their layering also eliminate movement transfer.

For lasting quality, our mattresses feature four rows of side stitching and firm side support to ensure the mattress holds its shape.

Aspire for a good night’s sleep!

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