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Choosing the right mattress

Having a quality, comfortable Mattress that is perfectly suited to you, your comfort and how you sleep is essential for a good night’s rest, and choosing the right mattress can be difficult.  Here at Aspire, we stock a range of different types of mattress so you can browse a good selection and buy the one that’s right for you.  Our range includes pocket sprung, memory foam, orthopaedic and bamboo foam, all with different properties in how they support and cushion you as you sleep.

We have designed our online store to make it easy to search and browse through all our mattresses. Start by simply selecting your mattress size above, from single right through to super king. From there you can easily shop our beautiful range of mattresses, tailored for you.

All our mattresses are made with different technologies for a range of support, cushioning, weight, size and more.  Take a read below to find out the difference between the main types that we offer- and if you have any questions, get in touch today for expert advice from our team.

Orthopaedic Mattress - These are perfect for those who require support when sleeping for your joints and muscles. The firm materials in an orthopaedic mattress provide this support, with extra padding and reinforcement for a stressless slumber. 

Memory foam Mattress - Providing soft foam support that contours and shapes to your body, you will soon melt into sleep thanks to the memory foam technology. They also provide support on the lower and upper back when sleeping, and some feature a Cool blue gel layer that provides 5x the speed for dissipation of heat than a standard memory foam mattress.

Pocket Sprung Mattress - The classical type of mattress with strong pocket spring support across the entire mattress. The springs offer ventilation for your mattress with firm, strong support that is long-lasting and durable.  

Bamboo Foam Mattress - These are our newer, more contemporary type of  mattress that doesn’t cut corners in terms of design and comfort. The bamboo design feature acts as great ventilation for your mattress, with multi-layer support and individually nested pocket springs.

Hybrid Mattress - Our Hybrid range is the definitive mattress due to its sturdy makeup taking on any weight that is thrown at it. These newer types combine a strong, supported pocket spring base with a soft, memory foam top for comfort and stability all night long. 

Our mattress collection for a great night’s sleep

Like all our beds and headboards, we handcraft our mattresses right here at our Yorkshire factory. Our experienced team use traditional methods combined with modern techniques and soft, enduring materials, so your mattress will leave you feeling like sleeping on a cloud every night. 

Whilst we offer an array of mattresses, we do not cut down on quality. The firmness of our mattresses depend on the style. Our specialists are on hand to give you assistance with any queries you may have, so get in touch today and we will be happy to help.

We make mattress buying easy

Buying a mattress from Aspire Store has never been easier. Enjoy stress free shopping directly from your home. Our 0% finance payment options allow you to spread the cost out on terms that suit you.

Our 5 year manufacturer guarantee means you are covered if there are any issues with your purchase, even after the initial 30 days of purchase. We also offer a returns policy if you are not satisfied, free of charge of course. Our mattresses come with a warranty and 14-day hassle-free returns policy.

Buying a mattress online can be daunting but we make sure all our products meet our high-quality standards by carefully designing and handcrafting our products.