Divan Beds

Our beautifully upholstered divan beds and bases bring a sense of style and additional storage space to your bedroom. They’re sturdy, look fabulous and are available in a range of colours and finishes. 

Whether you’re looking for a single, super king size or anything in-between, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of divan beds. If you’re looking for a new mattress too, we can help you choose the right one for your needs. 

Our divan beds are an excellent choice for the style conscious homeowner who’s also looking to take advantage of additional storage space too. 

If you need any help choosing the right divan bed for you, our expert customer service team is always on hand to help.

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Divan beds are made up of a sturdy wooden base which is usually covered in a layer of soft wadding before being upholstered in fabric or leather.

The divan base is manufactured to the same height and width of the mattress ensuring they are a more compact and sleek option. Divan beds offer more than just stylish comfort though, they provide integrated storage space in the form of drawers fitted within the base. The number of drawers are usually configurable to your needs and they have headboard options too, allowing you to customise your divan bed to your needs.

The size of a divan bed all depends on which size bed you are looking for. Here at Aspire our range of divan beds are available from small single beds (2ft,6) all the way to super king size (6ft) options. So no matter if you need a small cosy single for your little one or a super spacious super king size for the master bedroom, we have the perfect bed for you at Aspire Store.

Divan beds are renowned for being fairly sturdy and generally a standard divan base should support a mattress and the weight of one person weighing between 80-100kg. Double divan beds will be able to support two people within that weight range, whilst reinforced divan beds will of course support more.

Due to their solid tops, divan beds can generally support more weight than beds with slatted bed frames, but of course, specific weight limits vary per manufacturer and potentially model. If you’d like to know more details regarding our divan beds and their strength, please get in touch today

Divan beds have many benefits, from the additional storage space they provide with their in-built drawers through to their stylish upholstered finishes that look great in any home.

They’re especially perfect for smaller bedrooms or if you require extra storage space without the need to take up more floor space.

As a divan base is made up of two detachable parts, transferring and moving the bed from room to room becomes a much easier task than moving a typical bed frame too. This also makes them the perfect choice for attic or basement rooms in the home.

With an Aspire divan bed, you can configure your bed to your exact needs. Our divan beds come with the option of adding an upholstered headboard, with various designs available. Plus, depending on the size of the bed you choose, you can configure how many drawers you require or if you don’t need any additional storage, you can remove them.

When it comes to our divan beds, you have the option of purchasing a mattress with the bed or not, the choice is yours. We have a variety of mattress types available from soft memory foam and high tech hybrids to pocket sprung and orthopaedic mattresses which provide much needed support for a good night’s sleep. 

Like our beds, we also offer 0% finance options allowing you to spread the cost on terms that suit you.