Bonnell Spring Mattresses

Our Bonnell spring Mattress Collection features open coil mattresses that are perfectly balanced between comfort and affordability, with even support as you sleep. The interconnected, innerspring systems offer a good level of support and excellent value.

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Offering some of the best value from our mattress collection, open coil mattresses feature a sequence of interconnected springs which are linked together to provide support across the area of the mattress.

Open coil mattresses are available with a choice of 2 grades of spring, a medium/medium-soft feel, or a thicker gauge spring for more of a medium firm or firm mattress. They are usually lighter in weight than pocket sprung and hybrid mattresses and easier to move and turn.

They offer excellent value and are a brilliant economy choice, ideal for a spare room, rental property, kids mattress and more. Some are available rolled, which make them easier to handle and deliver, ideal for difficult to access areas including apartments and attic bedrooms.