6'0 Super King

Indulge in one of our sensational super king mattresses! With an outstanding amount of sleeping space and superior comfort, our super king mattresses will give you every bit the royal treatment.  A super king mattress is our largest mattress available, perfect for couples who like their own sleeping space and have the room size to accommodate a large bed.

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Aspire’s super king mattresses

We have a high-quality super king mattress for every taste and need. We also cater for all budgets, offering affordable and high-end super king mattresses with the same Aspire standard: all our mattresses are carefully designed and handcrafted with your sleep in mind. With an Aspire super king mattress, every night turns into a deluxe night’s sleep!

Go super king with style

If you are going for a super king mattress, you might as well do it in style! Our stylish, handcrafted beds are made with cutting-edge designs in mind, using only the best quality fabrics. 

Our stunning headboard collection features contemporary and modern pieces that have been hand-tufted and detailed for a truly breath-taking finish. 

A super king mattress deserves a statement bed; choose your colour, fabric finish, and a headboard with our Build Your Own Bed feature and make your bed a style statement that people won’t soon forget!


If your bedroom has enough floor space, there is no reason why not to choose the cream of the crop of mattresses. Our handcrafted super king mattresses provide spacious sleep, targeted support, and exceptional comfort – the perfect ingredients for a sumptuous night’s sleep and relaxation!

Super king mattresses are an excellent choice for couples who like a spacious sleeping surface and have a larger bedroom. They are also great for tall sleepers, or even families with small children who co-sleep. 

Measuring 6 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long (180cm x 200cm), a super king mattress provides ample sleeping space for couples who cherish their own space. 

Super king mattresses are wider than a king size mattress although they share the same length. It is our largest mattress size available.

Pocket spring super king mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses are made of individually housed pocket springs that respond to movement independently. This means your body weight is evenly distributed along the sleeping surface, while the pocket springs offer support where support is needed. 

Pocket sprung mattresses are a great choice for couples as they prevent movement transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

The firmness of the mattress depends on the fillings used and the pocket spring count – the higher the number of pocket springs, the firmer the mattress.

Memory foam super king mattresses

Naturally hypoallergenic, memory foam mattresses are made from visco-elastic memory foam and a supportive reflex foam base. 

As memory foam moulds around the body, responding to pressure points and heat, it brings individualised relief and support for muscles, joints, and bones. 

Our Cool Blue Relief memory foam mattress also dissipates heat up to five times quicker than a standard memory foam mattress, making worrying about heat build-up a thing of the past. Supplied vacuum packed it is also easy to transport through narrow hallways. 

Hybrid super king mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are constructed using pocket spring or traditional spring units coupled with memory foam. For example, our Moon Memory Mattress features a continuous spring system with a layer of high-density memory foam.

Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both mattress types to create a mattress that is all about lavish comfort and targeted support!

Pillowtop super king mattresses

Talk about the elite of the mattress world! Super king pillowtop mattresses give you endless indulgence, enviably spacious sleep, and superior comfort. With such sensational sleep, you won’t ever want to leave your bed!

pillowtop mattress is a mattress with a springy interior and a padded top layer that provides added comfort and support. 

Natural fillings 

We use natural fillings such as cashmere, wool, horsehair, alpaca and silk in some of our mattresses. 

There is a reason why natural fillings are considered the best as far as mattress fillings go – they are breathable, resilient and help to regulate body temperature.