2'6 Small Single

A small single mattress is an ideal mattress for children and an excellent space-saving solution for smaller bedrooms. Our Aspire small single mattresses are crafted for superior comfort while freeing up floor space for more play in your child’s bedroom. Small single mattresses are also perfect for box rooms or guest rooms with limited space.

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Choosing the right small single mattress

Aspire has a selection of small single mattresses. While the bed size remains the same, the type of mattress filling varies from memory foam to pocket spring. To make an informed choice, here are our small single mattress types:

Small single – pocket spring pillowtop mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses are one of the most popular mattress types. Made with individually nested pocket springs, pocket sprung mattresses give you support where you need it without creating pressure points. 

Pocket sprung mattresses give excellent support and comfort. Aspire’s luxurious pocket pillowtop mattresses will take that comfort to another level. 

The pillowtop layer at the top of the mattress brings added comfort, softness, and cloud-like sleep. As the pillowtop is filled with natural fillings, it will help keep the sleeper cool in the summer and warm in the winter months. Natural fillings will also help if your child is suffering from allergies.

Pillowtops turn small single mattresses into sheer luxury!

Small single – memory foam mattresses 

Memory foam mattresses mould around your body to bring your muscles, bones and joints the rest and support they need while you sleep. 

Children will benefit from the support memory offers for your child’s growing bones, while the contouring effect of memory foam reduces tossing and turning. This will result in your child having a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses also have hypoallergenic properties, which help to keep bacteria at bay while easing the symptoms of allergies and asthma. 

Aspire’s Kids Foam Eco Memory Mattress comes with a removable outer cover and is supplied vacuum packed for easy transportation even to small bedrooms.

If you’re worried about heat build-up, Aspire’s Cool Blue Memory 2500 Mattress dissipates heat up to five times faster than a standard memory foam mattress, giving your child, guest or yourself fresher sleep.

Small single – hybrid mattresses

We also feature hybrid small single mattresses, combining the best of spring and memory foam mattresses.  

For example, Aspire’s small single Hybrid Memory Pillowtop Mattress combines a traditional spring unit with hi-tech memory foam, making the mattress highly supportive with a medium-soft feel. 

All our Aspire mattresses, whether small single or super king, are handcrafted in the UK. We only use high-quality materials so that your mattress and bed will stand the test of time while giving you a great night’s sleep – night after night.


When choosing a mattress, the first thing you need to think about is the size of the mattress. Which size is best for your needs? The size of your bedroom will play a key role in this.

If you are struggling with space, looking for a mattress for a child’s bedroom, or furnishing a guest room with limited space, a small single mattress might be the right choice for you.

A small single mattress measures 2 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long (75cm x 190cm), making it slightly narrower than a standard single mattress.

Children’s bedrooms tend to be smaller, and you will want to make the most of the floor space available to leave room for playing and learning. 

While a small single mattress is compact and great for freeing up floor space, our Aspire small single mattresses are equally comfortable and supportive as our regular-size mattresses. With an Aspire small single mattress, your child will sleep comfortably as the mattress supports your child’s growing bones. 

Small single mattresses are a particularly suitable option for children who have grown out of cot mattresses.

Small single mattresses are also an excellent choice for guest rooms and box rooms where floor space is limited. The same length as a single mattress, your guests will have a great night’s sleep with our high-quality small single mattresses. 

Join a small single mattress with one of our Catherine Lansfield divan beds for a stylish space-saving solution!