6'0 Super King

Experience the most luxurious and exquisite headboards we offer with our range of super king headboards, all uk handmade to order by our team of skilled upholsterers.

A super king headboard will instantly create an eye-catching focal point in your master bedroom, with plush fabrics, high quality craftsmanship, and intricate design details to elevate your bedroom décor to the next level.

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What size is a super king headboard?

Super king size is among the largest bed size available in the UK, and a superking headboard will always be at least 6 feet wide, matching the width of a standard UK sized super king bed.

Height sizes will vary between headboard types, with floor standing usually being higher than strut headboards, but not always. Strut headboards for super king beds can be adjusted to accommodate for more or less height depending on personal preference and the depth of the mattress, and different designs and styles can vary naturally in headboard height.

When choosing the right super king size headboard for you, make sure you check the headboard dimensions of your desired headboard and ensure the wall behind your super king bed has enough space in terms of width and height. You can use the simple tool on our headboard product pages to determine the exact headboard dimensions of your chosen super king headboard. 

Choosing a super king size headboard

The grandeur of a superking bed demands a headboard every bit as glamorous. Our Aspire super king size headboards will add luxury to your master bedroom, instantly becoming the centrepiece of your bedroom and framing the bed beautifully

When choosing which headboard is right for you, consider what you need or want from your super king headboard. If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom décor or to create a stylish focal point for your master bedroom, consider statement pieces and upholstered headboards with bolder colours or patterns. 

If comfort is what you are looking for, choose a super king headboard with deep padding, soft cushioning and a soft fabric finish for a luxurious feel when you are sitting up on the bed. Our Aspire headboards are available in various fabric finishes to suit your needs and preference, with samples available so you can experience the texture, look and feel of our luxurious materials.

To complement the look of your existing bedroom décor, traditional styles and muted colours will work best in bringing that elegantly stylish finishing touch to your bedroom. 

Our Aspire and designer Catherine Lansfield super king headboards are handcrafted, upholstered, and carefully designed in a way that is ideal for making a style statement and giving your bedroom a timeless look. The thick padding we use in making our headboards will also ensure a comfortable surface to lean on, and our partnership with leading designers ensure you can choose from some of the latest on-trend looks, from bright spring patterns to deep bold colours

Are you looking for a new super king size bed?

While looking for a headboard, is it time to invest in a new super king bed for your master bedroom? 

Browse our beautiful selection of handcrafted, super king size beds that will provide ample storage, style and comfort for a great night’s sleep – night after night! Discover leading superking beds from designers including Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Catherine Lansfield for unique, bold looks that will last.