Rolled Mattresses

Our Rolled Mattresses are easy to handle and deliver, arriving rolled up and ideal for apartments or attic bedrooms. Also called Mattress in a box, our rolled mattresses don’t compromise on quality or comfort, being UK handmade to the high quality you expect from Aspire.

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Rolled Mattresses are simply that, a standard mattress that is delivered rolled up, usually packaged in a box for a smaller, easier delivery. They are ideal if you need a mattress for a room that is difficult to access, such as a flat, apartment or attic bedroom. They can be handled and delivered much easier than a standard mattress, carried up stairs and into smaller rooms.

All of our rolled mattress range has been thoroughly developed and tested to ensure that the packaging and rolling process does not damage the mattress, even when it contains pocket springs and various layers of support. Our rolled mattresses don’t compromise on quality, and are handmade to the high standards of quality that you would expect from Aspire.

There are some limitations to rolled mattresses - because of the rolling and packaging process, there are some combinations that can’t be offered as rolled, such as pillowtop mattresses or those which are very deep, as this can damage the filling if it is rolled.

Enjoy our wide range of rolled mattresses with various fillings and fitness types, and if you have any questions about our range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.