Sleep better with the right mattress from Aspire Store

Our body clocks are constantly changing every day, and often get disrupted in many ways. Most people consider and blame various attributes of a busy modern-day lifestyle. One thing that often gets overlooked, is the mattress we are sleeping on and how well your individual needs are met.

No two people are the same and neither are our mattresses. Each person has or may have specific requirements related to body type, health issues, and varied physical environments.

Choosing your Mattress

Once you have identified the possible reasons for difficulties sleeping, it is important to try and eliminate these problems quickly. The key to well-being is a good night’s sleep.

At Aspire we have designed and produced our mattresses with you in mind. Every mattress has been designed to be as individual as our customers are.

Finding the perfect mattress to suit your body and budget can be a minefield, so we are here to help you find the right mattress for you.

Which Mattress is Right for Me?

There are a wide variety of mattresses to choose from memory foam, coil sprung, pocket sprung and many more. Below we discuss the pros and cons of the main types of mattresses and why they may or may not suit you.

Pocket Sprung

Pocket sprung mattresses the springs are individually pocketed, so each set of springs can move independently. This offers many advantages over a traditional coil sprung mattress, movement on one side of the mattress will not affect the other as the springs are not interconnected, so if you are kept awake by a restless partner night after night a pocket sprung mattress could be a good choice. Furthermore, pocket sprung mattresses provide superior support across the body responding to pressure and providing extra support where you need it most.

Pocket sprung mattresses tend to be medium, medium firm or firm. The tension depends on the number of springs, the higher the number of springs the firmer the mattress. The firmness is also affected by the type of fillings which we will discuss later.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are topped with a layer of visco-elastic memory foam. This moulds to the body easing pressure on joints, bones and muscles as your body sinks into the memory foam. Most memory foam options have a Reflex foam base which provides a firm and supportive base, this compliments the memory foam and helps to provide a balance of comfort and support. Furthermore, memory foam has hypo-allergenic properties protecting against bacteria whilst easing the symptoms of Asthma and allergies.

Foam mattresses don’t have the bounce you would get with a coil sprung or pocket sprung mattress and does feel different to a more traditional sprung mattress. The Multi-Zone Memory mattress contains a supportive 20cm layer of reflex foam with a 5cm layer of HD memory foam allowing the body to sink into the mattress slightly relieving pressure on bones, joints and muscles whilst maximising life span.

Open Coil

Open coil mattresses also known as coil, bonnell sprung and continuous spring mattresses are usually the cheapest types of mattresses available.  They feature a sequence of springs which are linked together, this can cause issues if you have a restless partner tossing and turning in the night as their movement will be directly felt at the other side of the mattress.

Open coil mattresses are available with a choice of 2 grades of spring a 13.5-gauge spring will typically be medium or medium soft in feel. 12.5 gauge springs are made with a thicker wire resulting in mattresses which tend to be medium firm or firm in tension. The lifespan of these types of mattress is also not as good as a pocket sprung option. However, for a kid’s room, spare room or rental property an open coil mattress might be the perfect choice, the Crystal Ortho is a great economy choice.

Cyrstal Ortho Mattress

Sprung & Memory Foam

Combining either a coil or pocket base with an upper layer of memory foam gives a mattress a more traditional feel whilst still delivering the benefits of memory foam. This combination can be found in budget mattresses like the Superior Memory Sleep or also in Pocket Sprung mattresses like the Snooze Pocket 1000.

Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses feature a sumptuous upper section designed to provide a luxurious, softer feel as you first lay on the mattress with support provided by the main mattress core. Pillow top mattresses usually feature luxurious foams in the pillowtop section, the 3500 Luxury Gold Pillowtop is a perfect example featuring 4 high grade foams the mattress has a sumptuous upper layer but a rigid base resulting in the perfect blend of comfort and support. The 3500 Gold Pillowtop is an example of a quality pillow top mattress.

Its what’s inside that counts

As well as choosing whether you want a pocket sprung, coil sprung or foam base mattress the upper fillings are also important

Natural Fillings

Natural fillings like wool and cashmere provide a luxurious sleeping surface and tend to stay cooler than foam or polyester fillings. Natural fillings are usually densely packed, and this usually results in a medium firm to firm sleeping surface. Natural fillings are more expensive than other types of fillings so are typically combined with pocket springs. Good examples such as the Elizabeth and Cashmere 2000 benefit from natural fillings.

Polyester Fillings

Polyester fillings are a traditional low-cost filling, typically combined with coil springs. The polyester fillings offer medium levels of support and comfort making it a good choice for a guest room as most individuals will find the mattress to be comfortable, the Ortho mattress would be a good example of a decent quality mattress with Polyester fillings.

Sleep Well

A new mattress is the centrepiece of a better night’s sleep, sleep is essential to our overall health and well-being. It allows our minds and bodies to rest properly so that we may wake refreshed and ready for the day ahead. It affects every aspect of our lives from our appearance and physical ability to our attitude and mental prowess.