Enjoy a silky-smooth sleeping surface for a luxury night of rest

Sleep has never been more luxurious.

When it comes to exquisite comfort and support, Aspire’s alpaca silk mattresses are at the top of their league, with supremely soft alpaca being one of the finest fibres in the world.

Handcrafted by our expert craftsmen and filled with natural materials, our alpaca silk pillowtop mattresses have been designed and constructed to provide a quality night of rest you won’t be able to stop raving about.

Read on to learn what makes our alpaca silk pillowtop mattresses special.

Alpaca Silk 3000 Pocket Pillowtop Mattress

As a handmade, 32cm deep mattress, the Alpaca Silk 3000 has it all: comfort, back support and a cloud-like feel.

Our craftsmen use traditional methods that have stood the test of time coupled with cutting-edge designs to carefully construct all our mattresses.

A look inside the mattress

The mattress core has 2000 individually pocketed springs, a polycotton rebound layer, and a further 1000 micro pocket springs. The layering and high count of springs ensure exceptional support for your body while eradicating movement transfer, making it an excellent choice for co-sleepers. Four rows of side-stitching and sewn-in edge support mean the mattress will hold its shape, even if perching on the edge of the mattress.

The pillowtop

The pillowtop is made of layers of hand-tufted natural fillings such as alpaca fleece, silk, lambswool and bamboo fibres, making it a soft mattress to touch yet with medium-firm support. A polycotton rebound layer sits underneath for added support.

The Alpaca Silk 3000 pocket mattress is suitable for front, back and side sleepers and will fit all bed base types.

Alpaca Silk 5000 Pocket Pillowtop Mattress

The Alpaca Silk 5000 is for those looking for one of the most luxurious mattresses on the market! Natural fillings, a high number of pocket springs and a hand-tufted pillowtop will give you hotel-like sleep at the comfort of your home.

A look inside the mattress

The core of the mattress is constructed using a layering method and a high spring count which ensure perfect weight distribution and pressure relief. The mattress will contour around your body whilst providing medium-firm, orthopaedic-level support.

The core has 2000 full-sized and individually pocketed springs, topped with 1000 micro pocket springs and a polycotton rebound layer. A further 2000 micro pocket springs are added on top of the polycotton layer.

Side-stitching and special edge support ensure the mattress keeps its shape, even if sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Alpaca Silk Pillowtop

The pillowtop

The plush pillowtop is filled with natural materials. The comfort layer – doing exactly as the name suggests – features alpaca fleece, silk, lambswool and bamboo fibres. This will give you the soft, sumptuous ‘feel’ of the mattress. The layer underneath – another rebound layer – is made of 1200gsm, 100% wool, which mimics the feeling of foam without the issues of heat or chemicals.

In addition, an advanced airflow system with vents mounted on the sides of the mattress will force warm air out, keeping the mattress cool and fresh.

The Alpaca Silk 5000 pocket mattress is suitable for front, back and side sleepers.

What are the benefits of using natural materials?

Natural fillings in a mattress are the best as far as mattress components go. As they are naturally breathable and responsive to their surroundings, they help regulate body temperature. You will be left feeling warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Natural fibres are also more durable and resilient, giving your mattress added life.

Due to using natural materials in our alpaca silk pillowtop mattresses, the mattresses do require a breaking-in period. This simply means that they will feel much firmer during the first two weeks of use before settling into the medium-firm support level they are designed to provide.

Alpaca Silk 3000 or Alpaca Silk 5000? Which will you choose? The number of pocket springs may differ, but both of these pillowtop mattresses will give your sleep the royal treatment!