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Make a difference this Earth Hour day from home

Everyone has a part to play in looking after the world we live in.

As a global sustainability movement since 2007, Earth Hour is an environmental initiative that campaigns to bring attention to the effects of climate change.

Its mission is for people to take responsibility toward a sustainable future by asking businesses, households, and government organisations to switch off the lights for an hour at 8.30 pm local time on Saturday 27th of March.

Millions of people have taken part in Earth Hour day in the past years, along with iconic buildings and landmarks switching off their lights, in order to work together for the sake of our planet.

It should be noted, Earth Hour is different from Earth Day.

Earth Hour 2021

2021 marks an opportunity for change.

In 2021, world leaders are coming together to make important political decisions and an environmental agenda for the decade ahead regarding climate change, preserving nature, and sustainable development.

Sustainable living - What can you do?

At the core of sustainable living are choices. We all make daily choices that can either contribute to environmental degradation and our carbon footprint or help save our planet’s finite number of resources by sustainable living.

Everyone can help build a better world by asking themselves ‘what can I do to protect the environment?’ and by making positive changes.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce your use of plastic products and single-use items. Where possible, use natural products to reduce the number of chemicals.

Reduce waste by reusing items or give them a makeover. Up-cycled furniture, for example, is growing in popularity.  

Recycle waste, clothes and furniture. Support brands that use recycled materials or create decorative items from recycled materials. And swap your disposables to reusables!

Think - if it can’t be reused or recycled, its consumption needs reducing.

Turn your homes into smart homes

Green smart homes are energy-efficient, using automated systems to monitor and regulate energy consumption by smart meters and remote devices.

But you can have a smart home without extra technology, too.

Change lightbulbs into energy-efficient ones, unplug unused devices and be more mindful of your energy consumption in general. Switching off unnecessary lights and watching water usage are easy changes for everyone to make.

For instance, skip the dryer by hanging laundry outside, wash clothes in colder water, and set a night or two a week as a low-energy evening by swapping the electricity to candles and Netflix to a book.

Choose nature

Consider alternative methods of transportation to reduce harmful gas emissions – walk or cycle instead! You will feel the benefits in your overall and mental health while preserving the planet.

You can make a positive change in diet too by replacing meat with more plant-based meals.

Sustainable fashion

Fast fashion – the production of inexpensive clothing at a rapid pace – may be lucrative but it comes with a cost to the environment, overseas workers and even, the consumer. Because of the sheer volume, quick production, manufacturing methods and lower quality, fast fashion apparel often end up in landfills.

Sustainable clothing may be slightly dearer, but it means better wear thanks to quality, less waste and better manufacturing processes for the environment.

Aspire values

At Aspire, we want to do our part for the environment. Aspire values quality which is why we handcraft our products and design them to last.

We strive to use natural materials in our mattresses where possible and use renewable resources, such as wood, in our products. Our beds and headboards are upholstered with hard-wearing fabrics to ensure quality that lasts. Our products are made in the UK through carefully planned, efficient manufacturing processes. 

This Earth Hour join us in switching off the lights for a better future!