4'6 Double

Aspire Double Ottoman Beds provide sumptuous comfort, with stylish and easily accessible storage that doesn’t take up extra floor space.  In addition to being an excellent storage solution, our handcrafted Ottoman Double Beds give you a great night’s sleep and make a stunning focal point in any bedroom. 

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Double Ottoman Storage Beds

When it comes to efficient home storage, Ottoman beds are the king of the castle. Featuring a large storage area underneath the base of the bed, they offer ample hidden storage, which is perfect for bedding, winter wardrobes, gifts or even seasonal decorations.

If you struggle with storage space like many people and families, investing in bulky storage units might provide a solution for clearing clutter, but cupboards and storage boxes can take up a lot of floor space. Why not make use of the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom? 

A Double Ottoman Bed provides massive storage space under the bed. The bed lifts from the end or side with the aid of gas-lift pistons to access the large storage space underneath. Read more about the storage they offer from our sleep experts.

Aspire’s Bespoke Double Ottoman Beds

At Aspire we believe quality has no shortcuts. That is why our beds are expertly handcrafted by our craftsmen down to the last stitch and finish. Our headboards are hand-tufted and we feature styles and designs to suit both contemporary and traditional tastes. 

We use the best quality fabrics in all our upholstered Ottoman beds and pay close attention to the intricate details of the design. Our Olivier Fabric Ottoman Double Bed features a chesterfield-inspired design and hand finished button detailing, in a range of fabrics including velvet, linen, velour, twill, cotton and more. And if you can’t decide on the fabric, we offer free fabric samples so that you can feel the plushness and quality of our various fabrics for yourself before you buy.

Our beds are not just beautiful to look at, but they are comfortable and made to last. Our Ottoman double beds feature sturdy upholstered panels and sprung slats that help to improve comfort and mattress lifespan. They are mounted on hardwood feet that have been hand-turned and varnished for stability, strength and style.

If you are looking for an Ottoman double bed but are on a tight budget, our front and side-opening Storage Ottoman Beds have been designed with same Aspire quality you can expect across our range, but with a lower price point, so take a look today.


A Double Ottoman Bed measures 4ft 6in wide, which is perfect for couples who like to snuggle up in bed or who are looking for something a little smaller than a king due to available bedroom space.

Ottoman double beds provide a practical storage solution for couples in need of extra storage space, or singles who prefer the extra space in bed with built in storage, rather than a bulky storage unit.

Practical, functional and stylish, Double Ottoman Beds are particularly useful if you prefer minimalist interior design; they are a great solution for de-cluttering, and some of our range boast clean, modern lines in contemporary designs. 

Our bespoke double ottoman beds also allow you to choose your preferred colour, high-quality fabric, and headboard design to suit your contemporary or traditional interior design needs. We pride ourselves on offering a broad range, as we know customers tastes and style can vary greatly.

Our Ottoman Double Beds are suitable with any UK standard size double mattresses. You can use your existing double bed mattress or opt for one of our dreamy double mattresses to give you the best night’s sleep!

All Aspire mattresses are handmade by us, we offer a wide range of mattress types, from memory foam to pocket spring, hybrid or bonnell spring, so do take a look at our range today. Our sleep experts will be happy to help with any questions you might have.