6'0 Super King

Super king size Ottoman beds offer ultimate bedtime luxury combined with practicality. Stretch out on the large sleeping space guilt-free while your super king size Ottoman bed houses your stored items within the bed frame.  Comfort and functionality have never looked so sophisticated – the stylish designs of our upholstered, super king size Ottoman storage beds are utterly exquisite! 

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What size is a super king Ottoman bed?

Our super king size Ottoman beds (6ft) measure just under 190cm in width and 219cm in length, providing an extra-large sleeping space with an abundantly spacious storage area.

Is a super king size Ottoman bed right for me?

If your room can fit in a super king size bed, why not sleep like royalty? Super king size Ottomans enable couples to stretch out, making it ideal for those liking their space when sleeping! Your quality of sleep and overall well-being will also benefit when you are no longer being woken up by a restless partner.

Not only will you benefit from a great night’s sleep, but as the storage area is located within the bed, you are also turning your bed into a multifunctional piece of furniture. 

Super king size Ottoman beds join practicality with ultimate comfort – they are the superheroes of the bedding world! 

The design features of our super king size Ottoman beds

All our Ottoman beds are handcrafted and upholstered to a high-quality standard. We design and construct our Ottoman beds carefully, down to the intricate details of the finish. 

Our super king size Ottomans feature chunky, upholstered panels that have been built to last. We also use quality sprung slats to improve mattress lifespan and comfort as you sleep. A fabric base on the underside of the bed protects your stored items. Our bespoke, super king size Ottoman beds are mounted on hand-carved and varnished hardwood feet.

Our super king size Ottoman beds come with a stunning headboard, with various design options available. The deep foam padding of the headboard makes sitting up in bed comfortable; the lavish, hard-wearing fabrics bring instant style and beauty to any bedroom. 

The storage area can be accessed by lifting the top of the bed. Don’t worry - our gas pistons aid with the lifting, enabling you to access the storage with minimal effort. Once the Ottoman is in its elevated position, it will hold its position.

Our bespoke, super king size Ottoman beds can be customised to suit your interior design needs. Choose your headboard design, fabric and colour with our Build Your Own Bed tool.

Which colours and fabrics are available for our super king size Ottoman beds?

Our bespoke Ottoman beds, like the Hepburn Fabric Ottoman Bed, are available in several on-trend colours. The colours cater for every taste and suit contemporary and traditional décor. For bold colours, think Teal, Ochre, Emerald or elegant Bordeaux. For a subtler touch, we have several neutral colours, like various shades of Silver, Beige and lighter Cream. 

Our Ottoman beds are also available in ten sumptuous classic and signature fabrics. If you want to feel the texture of some of our fabrics (like Mirazzi Velvet or Eire Linen to name just two), order a free fabric sample.

Our super king size Storage Ottoman Bed caters for a lower budget and is available in Grey, Beige or Black Linen fabrics. 

Our Side-Opening Storage Ottoman Bed is available in Steel, Grey or Silver Plush Velvet. 

Which mattress shall I get with my super king size Ottoman bed?

For a luxurious mattress for superior sleep, browse our handcrafted super king size mattresses from memory foam to pocket sprung mattresses. 

Seasonal autumnal colours and fabrics

On the cusp of autumn, many turn their eyes towards a seasonal, autumnal colour palette for their interior design.

This year’s autumnal colour palette brings the usual warm colours with some new additions. As sustainability and natural materials have been trending all year, the same trends continue into the autumn.

The colour palette for autumnal colours this season consists of deep and bright greens, cobalt blue, black, and shades of rusty orange and peach. You will also see ochre, hazel and brown remain popular.

For autumnal fabrics this season, turn your thoughts to natural materials and soft, comforting fabrics like velvet, linen and cotton.

Our super king size Ottoman beds with a headboard are the perfect way to bring autumnal colours and fabrics into your bedroom décor.

Our stunning Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen super king Ottoman beds in black or ochre are all about autumnal colours, their velvet fabrics bringing warmth and depth to the seasonal décor. 

You can choose your autumn colour with Aspire’s Build Your Own Bed tool for your super king-size Ottoman bed. For darker shades go for black, ebony, charcoal, or chocolate. 

If you prefer lighter autumn colours, slate, champagne, mink or mineral are your best bets. For other autumnal, on-trend colours go bolder with teal or forest green. 

Whatever your choice, know that our rich colours and luscious fabrics will turn your super king bed into a fashionable piece of furniture.