Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single
Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single
Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single
Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single
Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single
Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single
Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single
Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single

Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single

Protect your mattress with our recommended mattress protector

Soft and super absorbent surface 

Waterproof, yet breathable

Effective in preventing dust mites and bacteria from breeding inside the mattress, which are a significant cause of asthma, rhinitis and eczema

Protective against stains such as spills, sweat, bodily fluids, bed wetting

Especially helpful in cases of incontinence

Fitted skirt fits all standard and extra depth sizes

Ultra-thin material does not detract from the comfort of the mattress

Machine wash and tumble dry

Durable with the ability to be washed in excess of 200 times

Can be used with electric blanket

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All about Mattress Protector 2ft6 Small Single

Introducing our quality mattress protector, the last line of defence for your mattress! Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this waterproof and hypoallergenic protector offers superb protection against spills, stains, and allergens, ensuring your mattress remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Designed with your comfort in mind, our mattress protector features a soft, breathable fabric that allows for optimal airflow while providing a luxurious touch to your sleep surface. The waterproof barrier acts as a shield, preventing any liquids from seeping through and compromising the integrity of your mattress. Say goodbye to worries about accidental spills or stubborn stains – our protector has got you covered!

Not only does our mattress protector safeguard against spills and stains, but it is also hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. The hypoallergenic properties create a barrier against dust mites, bed bugs, pet dander, and other common allergens, ensuring a clean and healthy sleep environment.

Easy to care for, our mattress protector is machine washable and designed to maintain its quality and effectiveness even after multiple washes. With a secure and snug fit, it's effortless to install and stays in place throughout the night, providing a seamless layer of protection.

Invest in the longevity and cleanliness of your mattress with our premium mattress protector. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mattress is fully protected, so you can enjoy a restful night's sleep, night after night.

As per the mattress care instructions we advise the use of a protector on any of our mattresses and the use of such would be expected to maintain any warranty over and above the initial 12 month period.

For optimal performance and longevity, we recommend washing and tumble drying our mattress protector before its initial use. This step helps to soften the product, improve flexibility, and eliminate any residual packaging odors.

When washing the protector, it is important to avoid using bleach, bleach alternatives, non-chlorine bleach, or any bleach by-products in the detergent. These substances can damage the polyurethane lining, compromising its effectiveness. Instead, wash the protector using a regular cycle in hot water for thorough cleaning.

Please note that dry cleaning is not recommended for the protector, as it may affect its functionality and durability. To ensure proper drying, we advise placing the protector together with other bed linens or towels in the dryer. Set the dryer to a medium heat setting and tumble dry for approximately 40 minutes, adjusting the duration as needed depending on your specific dryer.

It is crucial to exercise caution during the drying process to prevent blistering of the lining. Overheating the protector can cause blisters to form, which may eventually lead to leakage. If you notice any blisters forming from excessive dryer heat, we strongly recommend discontinuing the use of the protector to prevent further damage.

To maintain the quality and protective properties of the mattress protector, it is essential to follow these care instructions. Avoid dry cleaning or bleaching, machine wash using hot water, tumble dry on a medium heat setting, and wash and dry the protector with other linens for best results. We also recommend washing the protector before its initial use to ensure maximum cleanliness and comfort.

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Every fabric and finish have been carefully selected to complement any bedroom no matter how unique or classic your style may be. We understand value is important and we strive to ensure that raw materials are sourced at the best prices, manufacturing processes are efficient, and products are well-packaged. Our goal is to offer superior quality at a competitive price.

The commitment and hard work of our team have proven that the development of skill can achieve second to none quality. We still use the traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years, while constantly adapting to give our customers cutting-edge designs.

Quality has no shortcuts. Our primary goal is to make our customers as proud of our products as we are. The main principle of doing quality work is precision. Our craftsmanship not only makes our team proud to be part of the Aspire brand but proud to be a quality British manufacturer in the heart of Yorkshire.



Delivery times vary between all products as most of our items are handmade to order. Currently, estimated lead times are as follows:

Mattresses usually 3-5 working days (Rolled) 5-10 working days (unrolled)

Headboards usually 35-40 working days

UK Made Bed frames usually 35-40 working days

Imported Bed Frames usually 3-5 working days

The above lead times are solely provided as a general estimate. You will see a more accurate estimation of the delivery time for your order once you reach the checkout page so you can make an informed decision prior to paying for your order.

You will receive regular updates about your order with delivery tracking via the email address you provided at the time of purchase. You can also contact us directly to track your order on 01484 949 354 or email us at


Free standard UK mainland delivery although some remote area restrictions apply. For these areas, an additional charge may be required.  Due to current Covid secure restrictions on our couriers, most deliveries will be to the doorstep only and the courier will not be able to enter your property.

The below postcodes areas will be subject to longer delivery lead times and additional charges:

All AB, DD, IV, KW & PH areas

PA21 – PA38

PA42 – PA59


Unfortunately due to current restrictions, we are unable to offer a delivery service to any offshore postcodes.

NOTE: Please do not dispose of your old bed or mattress until the new one arrives and you are happy with it. We do our best to provide the best customer experience possible, but we do rely on third-party couriers to deliver the products and they sometimes make mistakes. We don’t want our customers to be without a bed.

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