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Ottoman single beds are the solution to your storage problems. Beautiful and functional, our Ottoman single storage beds are ideal for smaller bedrooms and box rooms. 

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What is an Ottoman bed?

Ottoman beds have an easily accessible storage area at the base of the bed. The top of the bed lifts with the aid of gas-lift hydraulics to reveal a large storage space suitable for hiding away bigger and smaller items – a life-saving storage solution!

Ottoman beds open either from the foot of the bed or from one side. 

Is an Ottoman single bed right for you?

If you are looking for extra storage space and prefer a clutter-free bedroom, Ottoman single beds are an excellent choice. As Ottoman beds turn the biggest piece of furniture in a bedroom into a multi-purpose item, Ottoman beds are highly practical and a great solution if space is an issue. 

Ottoman single beds are particularly useful for smaller bedrooms, box rooms or even children’s bedrooms to hide away bulky toys, bed linen, and a child’s winter wardrobe.

Should I choose an end-opening or a side-opening Ottoman single bed?

Whether you choose an Ottoman that opens from the side or foot of the bed is entirely up to your needs and preference. 

Think of your bedroom design and consider which would work best in your bedroom. 

Aspire’s Ottoman single beds

Our Ottoman single beds (3’0) are so much more than just a practical storage solution. Handcrafted and upholstered, our Ottoman single beds come with a stylish headboard that is available in a variety of on-trend colours and luxurious fabric finishes. 

We handcraft our Ottoman beds using chunky upholstered panels and high-quality sprung slats that improve both bed and mattress lifespan.

Access to the storage area is supported by gas pistons and that will hold the Ottoman’s elevated position, giving you hands-free access to your stored items. A fabric base at the underside of the bed protects your items, while hand-turned hardwood feet keep the bed base sturdily mounted. 

Our Ottoman beds are suitable with all standard UK mattresses, and they are handmade in the UK.

Build Your Own Bed

Create an Ottoman bed that is suitable for your interior design style by choosing your size, fabric finish, headboard and storage design with our easy to use Build Your Own Bed feature.

For a great night’s sleep, pair one of our handcrafted and superbly comfortable single mattresses with our Ottoman single beds.