4'0 Small Double

Our stylish and practical Ottoman small double beds have an easily accessible, under-bed storage area.  Small double Ottoman beds are great for small bedrooms, teenagers’ rooms, and guest rooms with limited space. With an Ottoman small double bed, you can enjoy a bigger bed without compromising on storage space. 

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What size is an Ottoman small double bed?

Our 4ft (approximately 129cm in width, 209cm in length) Ottoman small double beds feature a 28cm deep storage area at the base of the bed. 

What are the benefits of an Ottoman small double bed?

Ottoman beds turn the bed into a multifunctional piece of furniture. Offering comfortable sleep and extensive storage space, Ottoman small double beds are ideal for rooms with limited space and homes needing extra storage space. 

Thanks to high-quality gas pistons, the top of the bed is easy to lift when accessing the storage area. Once the bed is in its elevated position, it will hold its position so that you can access your stored items with ease.

As small double beds are growing in popularity among teenagers, an Ottoman small double is a great solution for a bigger bed when a double bed is too big for the room. Excellent for storing bulkier items like sports’ gear, extra bedding or even musical instruments, Ottoman small double beds make the most of your floor space.

For mess and clutter-free smaller bedrooms, Ottoman small double beds are the perfect solution! 

What types of Ottoman small double beds are available at Aspire?

We offer Ottoman small double beds that open either from the end of the bed or from one side. 

All our Ottoman small double beds are handcrafted to a high standard. We cater for all budgets with self-assembly Ottoman small double beds like the Storage Ottoman Bed, and bespoke upholstered Ottoman small double beds. 

Choose your colour, fabric, and headboard design with our Build Your Own Bed feature or browse our Ottoman small double beds to find the bed that matches your style and interior design taste. 

What is the best mattress for an Ottoman small double bed?

Our Ottoman small double beds are compatible with all standard UK mattresses, as long as you choose the right size for your bed size.

If you are looking for a lighter mattress to lift, memory foam mattresses are a great choice.

If you prefer the support spring mattresses offer, opting for one of our exceptionally comfortable pocket spring mattresses is the answer. We also offer open coil, hybrid and eco-friendly mattresses that would make the perfect partner for your Ottoman small double bed frame.