5'0 King

Our upholstered Ottoman king size beds offer an abundance of under-bed storage and a luxurious amount of sleeping space.  The large storage area within the bed frame makes our Ottoman king size beds versatile and practical, while our exceptional craftmanship ensures lasting quality and great comfort as you sleep.  Our stylish Ottoman king size beds are available in a range of colours, fabrics and stunning designs.

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What size is an Ottoman king size bed?

Aspire’s king size Ottoman beds (5’0) measure just under 160cm in width and 219cm in length. The large under-bed storage area is suitable for a variety of stored items, ranging from seasonal decorations, extra bedding and bed lines, to whatever your storage needs may be. 

King Size Ottoman Bed Frames 

Ottoman king size beds solve two common annoyances couples and households have: lack of sleeping space and storage. As Ottoman king size beds provide plenty of sleeping space, couples will enjoy better, uninterrupted sleep. A spacious under-bed storage area, on the other hand, is the solution to your storage problems. 

If you’re a single sleeper, there is no reason why not go king size – sleep like royalty with plentiful sleeping space and extra storage space!

The under-bed storage area in our Ottomans is easy to access thanks to a simple lifting mechanism; quality gas pistons enable you to lift the bed effortlessly. The bed will also hold its elevated position once lifted, giving you hands-free access to the storage space.  

Our Ottoman king size beds open either from the side or front of the bed, depending on your needs and preference. 

Our Ottoman king size beds are upholstered and handcrafted in the UK.

Aspire’s Stylish and Upholstered Ottoman King Size Beds

A practical, functional piece of furniture need not look ordinary or drab. While our Ottoman king size storage beds are undoubtedly multifunctional, we carefully design and hand-finish our upholstered Ottoman beds down to the last stitch. We pay great attention to detail, hand-tufting the stunning headboards that come with our Ottoman beds. 

Trend forecasting is a huge part of our design process so that we can bring you the latest styles and trends in home interior design. We use sumptuous, high-quality fabrics; our bespoke Ottoman king size beds are available in ten luxurious fabrics. We also offer a choice of on-trend colours to suit any interior design need and taste, be it neutral shades or bold colours. 

To give you the best idea of the texture and colour of our fabrics, we offer free fabric samples.

Do I need a special mattress for an Ottoman bed?

Our Ottoman king size beds are suitable with all standard UK king size mattresses.

The choice of mattress type is down to your preference, although you may want to consider the weight and depth of the mattress. Memory foam or slightly thinner spring mattresses are lighter to lift and won’t place as much strain on the lifting mechanism.