3'0 Single

Liven up your bedroom and relax in comfort with our stunning collection of single headboards for 3ft single beds. 

Our wide range of single headboards has something for every taste and bedroom design. Our selection of colours and designs will make your single headboard a timeless bedroom centrepiece.

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What size is a single headboard?

Our headboard dimensions for single beds vary slightly depending on the type and design of the headboard. 

Our Catherine Lansfield single headboards measure 95cm wide and 132cm high, with a headboard height of 80cm. 

The headboard height of our Aspire headboards is either 60cm or 80cm, depending on your preference. The width of our Aspire single headboards is 95cm.

Our Catherine Lansfield children’s headboards measure 95cm wide and 47cm high, and they are 5cm deep.

The headboard dimensions for all our single headboards can also be seen in the individual product descriptions. 

Choosing the right single headboard for you

Choosing the perfect headboard for your single bed among a myriad of choices can be a daunting task. With a headboard easily becoming the centrepiece of your bedroom, you will want to choose one that suits your bedroom style and taste, without compromising on comfort when sitting up on the bed. 

Our collection of Aspire headboards will offer something for every taste with multiple on-trend colours to choose from. The various exquisite designs suit both contemporary and traditional tastes with a timeless look that will last.

Our single headboards are handmade and hand-tufted to a high standard. They are finished with high-quality, plush fabrics ranging from Kimiyo Linen to Saxon Twill for a luxurious feel. 

Our bespoke headboards allow you to choose the right headboard for your bedroom décor.

A single bed for your single headboard

A smaller bedroom size calls for a single bed, but a single bed need not be any less luxurious than a double or a king bed. Our handcrafted single beds are made to the same high-quality standards as all our beds, promising superior comfort night after night. 

Our stylish single headboards will also bring added style and wow-factor to your smaller bedroom.

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