4'6 Double

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What our customers are saying

Fantastic Bed!

Bought a bed and mattress from aspire recently and can’t praise them enough. Customer service and communication was fantastic throughout and the quality of products is superb. Highly recommend!

- Harry Smith
Great bed

So happy with our bed! So well made, the quality is so high at such an amazing price. Excellent customer service, very responsive to all queries! Will definitely order again for our spare room!

- Leah Harris
Lovely bed

Bought a bed and mattress from aspire recently and can’t praise them enough. Customer service and communication was fantastic throughout and the quality of products is superb. Highly recommend!

- Jack Burgoyne
Happy customer

Decided to buy after reading the reviews and I have to say I agree with them. It's a good looking bed, decent quality but a bit time consuming to build. It took 2 of us about 3 hours.

- FRica98

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, double headboards measure a minimum of 4 feet 6 inches (137cm) wide to perfectly fit onto a standard UK size double bed. They can vary upwards in size, as some may feature side panels, wings or extra edges as part of their design, but they will fit a UK double bed correctly.

Our double headboards measure 141 cm wide, with the height varying from 112cm to 132 cm depending on the headboard height and the type chosen. Floor standing double headboards will usually be taller than struct headboards, which attach onto the end of the bed securely. 

You can see the exact headboard dimensions outlined for each headboard on its own page,  so that you can make sure the headboard matches the dimensions of your bed by checking these measurements.

Refreshing the look, style and feel of your bedroom doesn’t need to be expensive or require a complete overhaul of your room. A new double headboard is a simple and affordable way to update the look of your bedroom easily, whether you change the style, type and how it frames the bed. It’s also a great way to inject style and life into your bedroom décor, and is usually one of the easiest changes you can make for the most impact 

A double headboard complements a double bed, giving you not just a stylish focal point for the room that frames the bed, but comfort too with good back and shoulder support as you sit up in bed. 

Double bed sizes are one of our most popular ranges, and all our Aspire double headboards are carefully handcrafted and hand-finished down to the last stitch to perfectly fit onto a standard UK double. The hard work from our team to hand upholster and hand finish our headboards ensures high quality; they are built to last and timeless in their design, suiting both contemporary and traditional bedroom décor. 

Lovers of home fashion in particular along with bright on-trend styles will appreciate the beautiful and unique design details, colours, textures and patterns of our Catherine Lansfield Headboard Collection while enjoying rest in comfort against the deep padding of the headboard.

All of our headboards arrive fully assembled, but they do require fitting to your bed securely. 

Double headboards come with solid mahogany struts to ensure the headboard is stable once installed. The headboards are installed through simple steps of finding the screw holes on your bed, lining the headboard’s struts with the bed frame’s screw holes, and then fastening the headboard by screwing the supplied bolts into the holes. These should securely fit for a durable, comfortable headboard that will last for years to come.

You can set the desired height for your headboard (depending on your mattress size) by leaving the bolts loose enough to still allow room for adjusting the headboard up and down to get the perfect height for your bed and mattress.. 

If you have any issues, you can contact us for further advice on our Contact page.