4'6 Double

Set the tone in your bedroom with one of our handcrafted double headboards. 

Our stunning range of double headboards features various stylish designs, fabrics, and colours so that you can find the perfect match for your bedroom, whatever your style or taste.

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What size is a double headboard?

There is no exact standard double headboard size as the height and width of a headboard depends on its design. Nevertheless, a minimum of a 4 feet 6 inches (137cm) wide double headboard will fit a double bed. 

Our double headboards measure 141cm wide, with the height varying from 112cm to 132cm depending on the headboard height. 

You can see the exact headboard dimensions outlined for each product so that you can make sure the headboard matches the dimensions of your bed. 

Why choose a double headboard?

Home fashion need not be expensive or require a complete overhaul of your bedroom. A headboard is a simple and affordable way to update the look of your bedroom. It is also a great way to inject style and life into your bedroom décor. 

A double headboard complements a double bed, giving you not just a stylish focal point for the room but comfort as you sit up reading in bed. 

Lovers of home fashion, in particular, will appreciate the beautiful design details, colours, textures and patterns of our Catherine Lansfield headboard collection while resting in comfort against the deep padding of the headboard.  

All our Aspire headboards are carefully handcrafted and hand-finished down to the last stitch. This ensures the high quality of all our headboards; they are built to last and timeless in their design, suiting both contemporary and traditional bedroom décor. 

How do you fit a double headboard?

Our headboards arrive fully assembled but they do require fitting. 

Aspire’s double headboards come with solid mahogany struts to ensure the headboard is stable once installed. The headboards are installed through simple steps of finding the screw holes on your bed, lining the headboard’s struts with the bed frame’s screw holes, and then fastening the headboard by screwing the supplied bolts into the holes. 

You can set the desired height for your headboard (depending on your mattress size) by leaving the bolts loose enough to still allow room for adjusting the headboard. 

If you have any issues, you can contact us for further advice on our Contact page.

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