4'0 Small Double

Excellent for smaller rooms or single sleepers, our range of stylish small double beds is sure to bring comfort and timeless style to your bedroom.  Small double beds offer a larger sleeping area than a single without taking as much floor space as a double bed.

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What size is a small double bed?

Aspire’s small double beds, also known as three-quarter beds, measure 4 feet wide and approximately 6 feet 8 inches long (depending on the type of bed). They are wider than a single but smaller than a double bed.

Who are small double beds suitable for?

Due to their slightly smaller frame compared to a double bed, small double beds are suitable for smaller, narrower rooms and perhaps for bedrooms where you don’t want the bed to take up too much floor space. 

Small double beds make an ideal bed for teenagers and single sleepers who prefer that little bit of extra space when they sleep. They are also practical for guest rooms or bedrooms doubling as a home office as they don’t take up as much valuable floor space as larger beds. 

For anyone looking for a comfortable bed with plenty enough sleeping space for one, or for a couple who likes to cuddle in bed, our handcrafted small double beds are sure to grant a great night’s sleep!

What types of small double beds are there?

All of Aspire’s small double beds have been designed, handcrafted, upholstered, and finished to an exceptional standard so that you can enjoy a stylish bed without compromising on a great night’s sleep.

We feature small double Ottoman beds, including an exquisite range of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Ottoman beds, small double divan beds and bed frames, and wooden bed frames with a white, painted finish. 

Our small double storage beds, like our Ottoman beds and divan beds with in-built storage drawers, help keep your bedroom or guest room effortlessly tidy and clutter-free thanks to their practical storage solutions. 

Which is the right small double bed for me?

Our small double beds are both practical and beautiful. Whether it is extra storage you require or a simple yet timeless wooden bed frame, our high-quality small double beds are sure to bring you great comfort and style. 

For a bespoke small double bed that complements your décor and taste, use our Build Your Own Bed tool to choose your preferred fabric, colour and headboard design for a small double bed that will wow you year after year – as well as give you a great night’s sleep!