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Sleep in style and comfort with our handcrafted king size beds, ranging from king bed frames to upholstered king beds with storage.  King size beds provide a spacious sleeping area so that you can stretch out for luxurious sleep. Our king beds are available in various colours and fabrics to suit contemporary and traditional styles.

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King size beds

Whether you are looking for a bed with a spacious sleeping area or a king size bed with storage, Aspire’s high-quality range of king beds has what you need. 

We provide Ottoman king beds with large storage space, divan king size beds with storage drawers, and wooden king size bed frames at bargain prices.

All our king beds have been designed and handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen. We also pride ourselves in the intricate detail of our fabric finishes and hand-tufted headboards.

How big is a king size bed?

Depending on the type of bed, our king size beds measure roughly 160cm in width and 219cm in length. 

If your bedroom has enough floor space, why not go for a king bed where the large sleeping space will give couples and single sleepers alike plenty of space to sleep in comfort.

What types of king beds are available at Aspire store?

Our selection of stylish king size beds ranges from wooden bed frames to bespoke king beds with storage. 

Ottoman king size beds

Our Ottoman king beds feature spacious under-bed storage where you can easily hide away bed linen, extra bedding, clothing and other household items. The storage area is accessed with the aid of quality gas pistons, making lifting the top of the bed easy. The gas pistons also enable hands-free access to your stored items once the bed is elevated.

Our Ottoman king beds with storage also have an upholstered, foam-padded headboard that is both stylish and comfortable to lean on when sitting up in bed.

For exquisite style, browse our range of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Ottoman king beds. 

You can even design your Ottoman king bed using our Build Your Own Bed feature. 

Divan king size beds

Our divan king beds with in-built storage drawers feature an optional headboard and mattress. Depending on your storage needs you can choose the number of storage drawers from zero to up to four.

Our Catherine Lansfield divan beds are upholstered in either Saxon Twill or Plush Velvet fabric in your choice of colour.

Wooden king bed frames

For a timeless classic, and a real bargain for a high-quality bed, our wooden king size bed frames are a perfect choice. Simple yet stylish, our wooden bed frames bring a touch of nature to your bedroom.

A mattress for a king bed

If you are looking for a king mattress to go with your king bed, Aspire has a wide range of handcrafted king mattresses for all needs and sleeping styles. 

We feature pocket spring, memory foam, hybrid, open coil, eco-friendly and many other exceptionally comfortable king mattresses.